Concessions Volunteers

Bearcat Pride funds most of our efforts by running the two Concession Stands at MHS.  We need parent volunteers to run efficiently!  


Work a concessions shift and we will donate $25 to the MHS club, group or staff member of your choice! 

We are now donating $25 for each volunteer that signs up for a concessions volunteer shift. 
It is up to the volunteer to pick which MHS club, group, or staff member they would like to donate their $25. 

 If you have a MHS club or group, please let your parents know! 

Last year, our concessions volunteers earned over $6,000 to donate to MHS groups and clubs!

Signups for Spring Sports (Boys Soccer, MHS Track, & Middle School track meets at MHS) thru the links below!

 If you have any questions please email us at